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Who We Are

Our story started from 17th April 2017 in Amberley, North Canterbury. Our first owner who had worked in Italian cuisine restaurants for couple of years before he make his plan to open his own first Pizza shop in Brackenfields, Amberley.He have put all his past experiences into this pizza place with his own receipes & ingredients. Since, We have opened up we had a great response from the local community & have expanded our another pizza place in Darfield, Mid Canterbury as well.

Quality Food

We make ranging in quality & price you can grab a cheaper pizza for the road with housemade dough, sauces, seasonings & use fresh local product's for our pizzas.

Fastest Delivery

We do make deliveries ranging within 10Km radius from the Amberley pizza store. Delivery time varies from 25 Minutes- 45 minutes.

Pizza is the perfect food for sharing and our menu is designed with this in mind. With an awesome selection of traditional pizzas, Gourmet pizzas & chicken seafood pizzas.We have all your bases rolled and covered including lots of options for kids, vegetarians and vegans, gluten and diary free diets. We use locally sourced quality ingredients. So whether it’s your favourite pizza topping or the secret seasoning on your fries, you know it’s going to taste terrific.

Our Professional Team

John Doe

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Adam Smith

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Howard Lancy

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How To Find Us


121 Carters Road, Bracken Fields, Amberley

Phone & Email

Phone: 03 314 7440
Email: info@bigbitespizza.co.nz

Working Hours

Mon - Fri: 11:30 - 21:00
Weekend: 11:30 - 21:00